Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Turning Japanese...

One of the songs I had going round in my head in Japan was Turning Japanese, by the Vapors. I loved the song - whilst being mildly disturbed by it and unsure as to whether it was a bit culturally dodgy... also far too catchy for its own good.

Still, I liked much of the food we ate in Japan and became particularly fond of instant miso. I also tried a fair few things that I was sure I wouldn't like (fried chicken cartilege, anyone?) but something about missing the place has made me a little more adventurous of late.

I've eaten sushi precisely twice before: once made by a Japanese friend in Ecuador, but couldn't get over the new flavours, particularly when I was adapting to Ecuadorian food too (think triple quantities of starch, with no spice). The other time was awful airline sushi on a trip to Portugal, so no wonder I didn't like it. But look at it, it's just so pretty. I didn't try it (stupidly) when actually in the country, so it was time to make up for lost time.

It's also really tasty. I tried it, along with some Miso for lunch, and for the first time in ages didn't feel tempted by biscuits or crisps by lunch time. Strangely, it's not one of those things you crave (which would be unusual as I disliked it before) but I keep fancying it now I know how nice it is. And it goes with my current Murakami marathon.

Sushi = food of the gods. Try it at will (but do mix in the soy sauce with wasabi before dipping ;) Now, time to persuade Jonno that he really does want Katsu Curry for tea...