Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Strange sources of inspiration #1 - Benugo, BFI, Southbank, London

Having a quiet chat and a couple of drinks with my friend Lucy this evening required a bit of mopping up, and after a big lunch at a conference, I didn't fancy much more than the soupe du jour. The title Pea and Turmeric Soup kind of put me off, I have to say - as did the presentation with four greasy croutons and a thick trace of oil across the surface of the bowl as a device to make it look sexy. No need to bother - the soup was thick, warming and spicy, and made me keen to figure out how to make it (suggestions welcome). Extra chopped coriander on the top gave it a small but welcome bite (I think chilis are required, but then I always do).

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you make it easily as a dahl. You can buy so many kinds of pulses skinned, halved and dried at indian shops, you could buy peas this way and just boil em up for an easy pea soup I bet!
    Claire R (confused with the google identity thing)